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It depends which Pats mascot you're thinking of. The old standby, still preferred by many die hard Pats fans was always known as Pat Patriot. When the new logo came out in 1993 it was dubbed, "The Flying Elvis". However, in 1994, when the Patriots introduced a costumed sideline mascot people began referring to him as Pat Patriot.

I'm like 99% sure his name is Pat Patriot.

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Q: What is the name of the New England Patriots mascot?
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Why is pat patriot a mascot?

He is a mascot because the Patriots organization has decided that Pat Patriot is emblematic of the New England Patriots so they decided that he would be their mascot.

Do the Patriot's have a mascot?

Yes, the Patriots have a mascot. The mascot is "Pat Patriot", a cartoonish version of a New England Patriot player.

How did the New England Patriots get there mascot name?

In the 1700s in the American Revolution people who fought for the American side were called Patriots. Most of that war was based in Boston, and the entire New England area in general, so that's how they got their name.

How was the New England Patriots mascot picked?

The Patriots mascot, Pat Patriot, is a Minute Man. The choice of a Minute Man mascot pays homage to the colonial / revolutionary history of the Massachusetts region.

What is the patriots full name?

The New England Patriots.

What is patriots name?

A New England Patriots name is Logan Mankins.

What was the original name of the New England Patriots?

Boston patriots were the old name of the patriots.

How long has the patriot had there name?

The New England Patriots have had the name Patriots since 1960. They were originally named the Boston Patriots, but in 1971 it was changed to the New England Patriots.

What was the name of the original New England Patriots?

Boston Patriots

What was the New England Patriots former name?

The Boston Patriots

What was the New England Patriots original name?

the Boston Patriots

What is the New England Patriots star quarterback's last name?

The New England Patriots star quarterbacks last name is Brady.

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