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The #1 goalie on the team is Martin Brodeur. The backup goalie's name is Kevin Weekes.

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Q: What is the name of the NJ Devils hockey goalie?
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The goalie with the most saves in the history of NHL?

Martain Broudor of the NJ Devils

Martin Brodeur rookie goalie NJ devils?

Yes Martin was drafted by the devils with the 20th pick in the 1990 NHL draft

Who owned the first NJ devils hockey team?

John McCullen

When did the NJ devils join the NHL?

The New Jersey Devils joined The NHL in 1974.

What is the home city of the New Jersey Devils?

The Devils play in Newark NJ at the Prudential Center Arena

What city was the NJ Devils' old stadium in?

East Rutherford, NJ. They used to play at Izod Center.

Which NHL team represents NJ?

The New Jersey Devils.

What hotel do the Pittsburgh Penguins stay when playing the NJ Devils?


Where can you get affordable dental work in NJ without insurance?

Devils game

What is the cost of lower level NJ Devils tickets?

Tickets for the next NJ Devils game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn are available at prices starting from $36.00. Season tickets for the 2013/2014 season are available from $1000 upwards.

What are three special things about New Jersey?

1. they supposedly have the mythical "jersey devil" 2. They have their own hockey team. "the NJ devils" 3. They Have one of the dirtiest bodies of water in New Jersey. (passaic river)

Why are the NJ Devils called the Devils?

They were named after The Jersey Devil, the supposed mythical creature of the New Jersey Pinelands.

What are some Famous sports Feuds?

The NY Rangers vs.The NJ Devils

What happened in the 2005-2006 NFL playoffs?

the NJ devils defeated everyone.!!!!


the Dallas Stars

Is Catherine Tappen's boyfriend on the New Jersey Devils?

Not Jay Pandolfo, Jay Leach a defenseman called up from Lowell Devils. Played about 24 games for NJ

How many Stanley cups have NJ devils won?

3 Championships 1995,2000,2003

How many pro sport championships does ny have in the 21st century?

Brian Gionta when he was on the NJ Devils

Who is the head coach of NJ Devils?

Jacques Lemaire 2009-2010. John MacLean is the new coach.

Who published Walter dean Myers's first book?

David Clarkson NJ DEvils

How often do the NJ Devils sell out their arena?

In an arena that holds over 17k the Devils have averaged 17,000 over the last 30 home games.. 22 of them sellouts (thats 97%filled capacity)

How may years have the NJ devils been an NHL team?

30 Years 1982 was the first with the Christmas colors.

What counts towards a NJ high school hockey players points?

As in all hockey games, points are made up of the player's goals and assists.

Who is the best player of hockey?

there are soo many great players but there are some that are very widely known, and others who hold various records. almost everyone has a different favorite. For example your favorite player could be from your favorite team. one player, a goalie held the record for most wins in goal, with 501 wins...Patrik roy, and on 3/17/09, Martin brodeur from the NJ devils, broke the record with 502 career wins NHL...another very well known, and favorite player is Wayne Gretzky(#99) and he is now the coach Phoenix can get other inputs but this is just a basic idea.

What is the birth name of NJ Silva?

NJ Silva's birth name is Nelson Silva.