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The Saints

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Q: What is the name of the NFL team in New Orleans?
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What is the name of louisiana's NFL team?

the New Orleans Saints

What football team does the city of New Orleans have?

New Orleans has an NFL (National Football League) team called the New Orleans Saints.

Are the New Orleans Saints an expansion team?

The New Orleans Saints joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1967.

Why doesn't the NFL have a team in LA?

The New Orleans Saints is an NFL team in Louisiana.

What NFL team is the saints?

The team based in New Orleans

Where can one find information on the NFL team The New Orleans Saints?

One can find information on the NFL team The New Orleans Saints on their website New Orleans Saints. One can also find information on sites such as CBS Sports and ESPN.

What is a sport team from Louisiana?

NFL - New Orleans Saints NBA - New Orleans Hornets

The NFL team to go undefeated?

The new Orleans saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which team has the best offense in the NFL?

NEw Orleans Saints

When was New Orleans Saints NFL team made?


Who is Alaska's favorite NFL team?

New Orleans Saints

What NFL team has the most black cheerleaders?

New orleans

What NFL team won Superbowl team in the same stadium?

new orleans saints

How long have the New Orleans Saints in the NFL?

The Saints joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1967.

What NFL team is known as Peter and Paul?

The New Orleans Saints

What nfl team does Brad Pitt support?

New Orleans Saints

Which NFL team did Mark Ingram go to?

The New Orleans Saints.

What NFL team has the mascot Gumbo the Dog?

The New Orleans Saints.

When was it announced that New Orleans was awarded an NFL team?

All Saints Day

Jim mora was the coach of which NFL team in 1987?


What NFL team hosted nine Super Bowls?

Miami and new Orleans

What did the New Orleans Saints used to be called?

The New Orleans NFL team has always been called the Saints. But there were many derogatory names for the team in their lean years, including "Aint's."

Most losing NFL team?

The new orleans saints are the most losing team of all time.

Who is the team saints?

They are a NFL team from New Orleans Louisiana

Was there a player named Treadway on the New Orleans Saints team?

Apparently not. No one with the last name Treadway is listed historically as an NFL player.