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abu diaby

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Q: What is the name of the Muslim player in Arsenal?
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What is the religion of Diabi the player of Arsenal?

ithink he is Muslim

Name the spurs player signed for arsenal?

Sol Campbell

Is Kyle Ebecilio Muslim the arsenal yougstar?

No he isn't.

Who are Muslims in arsenal?

The only Muslim on arsenal for the 2010 season is Samir Nasri who plays as a midfielder(8).

Who was the arsenal player that never scored?

Messi is My favorite player from arsenal... But he has never scored a goal for arsenal

Name player to play for any 2 of man united Chelsea Liverpool and arsenal?

Mkael Silvestre fo Man United and Arsenal

What is the football club that have many Muslim players?

arsenal fc

How was the name arsenal created?

It is because at arsenal the army arsenal was there.

Highest paid player in arsenal?

It is the Arsenal captain Fabregas.

Will podoski come to arsenal?

He's currently an Arsenal player.

Who is arsenal's second most capped player?

Ian wright is the second most caped player for Arsenal.

Who is arsenal's best player's?

Currently the best player at arsenal is Fabregas, the prain and the playmaker of the club, who can change