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Q: What is the name of the Minneapolis baseball team?
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What is the basketball team of Minneapolis?

NBA team- Minneapolis Lakers(1947-1960) there is no current NBA team in Minneapolis.

What baseball team is named after the twin cities Minneapolis and St. Paul?

Minnesota Twins

What state has a baseball team named after the twin cities Minneapolis and St. Paul?

The state Minnesota.

Why is the baseball team the Minnesota Twins called the Twins?

Twins after the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul

How did the minnestoa twins baseball team get named?

The Twins play in the Minneapolis, ST. Paul area. These to cities are so close to each other they are sometimes called the Twin Cites, hence the name.

Was there a baseball team called the undertakers?

No there was not a baseball team with the name of The Undertakers.

What is the name of the Cincinnati baseball team?

The professional baseball team is the Reds.

Which professional football team calls Minneapolis their home town?

Minneapolis is a town in the state of Minnesota, United States America. The professional football team, the Minnesota Vikings, called Minneapolis their home town.

What is the home to the Minnesota Twins baseball team?

In downtown Minneapolis, the Minnesota Timberwolves play NBA basketball at the Target Center arena.

What was the name of abler Doubledays baseball team?

Since Abner Doubleday had nothing whatsoever to do with the development of baseball, this question is meaningless. There is no team name because there was no team.

Does Oakland have a baseball team?

Yup! Oakland does have a baseball team, their name is the Oakland A's (Athletics).

What does the letter C stand for in the logo of the Minnesota Twins baseball team?

T for Twin, C for Cities. For the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.