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Q: What is the name of the Basque mother of Russian-born basketball player José Biriukov?
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Is ted Williams spanish?

Sort of. Williams' mother's family was from Mexico , but had Basque roots.

What is the family nickname of the Basque mother of Russian ice hockey legend Valeri Borisovich Kharlamov?

Begoña and Begoñita are the family nicknames for the Basque mother of Russian ice hockey legend Valeri Borisovich Kharlamov (January 14, 1948 - august 27, 1981). Valeri's parents were Russian-born factory locksmith Boris Kharlamov and Basque Country-born factory turner Carmen Oribe Abad.

Who was Maurice Ravel's parents?

No, his father was an engineer and inventor and his mother was at home. But despite this his father was very interested in music and culture and in their home his mother sang folk songs that came from her Basque heritage, and this affected Maurice deeply.

Where David Archuleta from?

David was born in Miami, but moved to Utah at about 6 years old. His mother is from Honduras and his father is of Spanish Basque descent.

What is History of the basketball ball?

well basketball when up ya to see what was there so ur are da history of basketball b.itch! mother f.ucker

David Archuleta from Mexico or colombia?

Neither. He was born in the U.S. His mother is Honduran and she grew up in Honduras. His father is Basque and grew up in Utah.

What is q's mother name in love and basketball?

Debbi Morgan played Quincy's mom, Nona McCall, in Love and Basketball.

What is the diameter of a basketball hoop in metric?

that's 304.8 cm.

What is David Archuleta Mexican?

He's not German, his heritage is of Honduran, Mexican, and Irish descent. Therefore he's not Italian either. EDIT - His father said David's heritage is half Honduran (mother's side) and helf Spanish/Basque (father's side). I believe it was once mentioned he also has a little bit of Irish.

What is David Archuleta's race?

His mother's side of the family is from Honduras, and his father's heritage is Spanish/Basque so i'd say that he's hispanic, maybe?

Who is Carl Crawford's mother?

Carl Crawford's mother, Leisha, was a basketball and volleyball player in high school. She encouraged her two boys to play sports.

Is David archaleta spanish?

It's spelled Archuleta. David is Honduran-American. His mother's parents are from Honduras and his father's heritage is a European mix including Spanish and Basque. So David is Hispanic.