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his name was George Woolf nicknamed "The Ice Man"

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Q: What is the name of seabiscuits jockeys name was?
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Who was seabiscuits biggest rivals?

Seabiscuits biggest rivals are War Admiral the son of the great Man O' War and Ligaroti to name a few.

What was seabiscuits jockeys name?

actually seabiscuit had 2 jockeys. the main jockey was red Polard. but sense red got injurned twice (once in his arm and ribs, the second in his leg) charles howard (seabiscuit's owner) had to call in a second jockey. this jockey was named George (the iceman) Woolf. the last race that seabiscuit ran (he won) red polard was his jockey. hoped the answer helped!

What did Seabiscuits jockey get paid?

I could find no information on the exact amount Charles Howard paid his jockeys but they usually get a percentage of the purse. It differs depending on the contract between the owners and the individual jockeys. The average is %5 to %15 of the purse. At the time of his retirement Seabiscuit's earnings were almost 1/2 million dollars, which was an incredible amount of money for the time. This will give you an idea of what his riders earned.

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jak fat

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What color was Seabiscuits first foal?

A bay, like himself.

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Jockeys wear "racing silks" in a variety of primary colors and white: red yellow blue etc.

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They're called jockeys.

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