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The Utah Jazz is Utah's NBA team and it's based in Salt Lake City, EnergySolutions Arena (former Delta Center).

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Q: What is the name of salt lake cities basketball team?
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What cities border salt lake?

Cities that border Salt Lake City, Utah include North Salt Lake, South Salt Lake, Millcreek Township, Holladay City, West Valley City, Taylorsville, Kearns, and Magna.

What is the cpitl of Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City is the capitol. Cities don't have capitols.

Name of the basketball arena for the Utah Jazz?

its called the energy solutions arena, located in salt lake city, utah.

What are the largest cities in Utah according to size?

Salt Lake City is the largest city.

What are the capital cities of Utah?

Fillmore, and Salt Lake City, are the capital cities of Utah.

What is the name of the largest salt lake in the US?

what i the name of the largest salt lake in the united states

What is Salt Lake cities postal abbr?

When mailing something to or from Salt Lake City, the United States Post Office will also accept the abbreviation "SLC" rather than writing out the entire city name.

Is the Great Salt Lake the only Great Salt Lake in the world?

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is the only lake with the name "Great Salt Lake" but it is not the only saltwater lake in the world.

What is the state of Utah's favorite sport?

baseball and basketball salt lake city

Does Utah have a pro basketball team?

Yes. Utah Jazz basketball, Real Salt Lake soccer, Salt Lake Bees baseball, Utah Grizzlies Hockey, there is also an arena football team.

What state capital has three words in its name'?

The capital of the state of Utah consists of three words. The name of this capital is Salt Lake City.

Locate a large lake in Utah . what is its name.?

the great salt lake