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Rajni Tendulkar

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Q: What is the name of sachin tendulkars mother?
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What is sachin tendulkars sons name?

Arjun Tendulkar

What is sachi tendulkars mobie no?

what is sachin tendulkars mobile no

What is sachin tendulkars age?


When did brad hogg take sachin tendulkars wicket?

Brad Hogg took Sachin Tendulkars wicket on October 5th, 2007.

What is sachin tendulkars fathers name?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the great Indian cricket player needs no introduction to the fans of cricket. He has a god like image in India and treated as a super hero. Even the neighboring Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh are full with thousands of fanatic followers of Sachin Tendulkar.Sachin Tendulkar, history of his life, his achievements and also he as a man are the subjects of discussion to millions of Indians. His life and records is a actually a very long saga for which a book of biography will be appropriate. But here we are going to make a short life history and biography. His father's name is ramesh tendulkar. His mother's name is rajni. He has a very loving wife whose name is anjali tendulkar. Sachin tendulkar family also comprises of two sweet children. One is a girl and another is a boy. He has one elder brother and two siblings. Father- his father is a popular Marathi novelist. Mother- his mother has worked in an insurance industry. Siblings- he has an elder brother whose name is ajit. He is the person who encouraged him to play cricket. This shows that Sachin tendulkar family background is very good. His family members are very encouraging and motivating to him. His two other siblings are nitin and savita. Wife- he has a very sweet wife. Sachin tendulkar is younger to her. Her wife anjali is six years older than him. He is a paediatrician by profession. Son- his son's name is arjun. He was born on 42 September in year 1999. Daughter- his daughter was born on 12 October in 1997. Her name is Sara.

Who are the sachin tendulkars best friends?

Vinod Kambli...

Who is Sachin Tendulkars 100th wicket?

inzamam ul haq

What is the secret of sachin tendulkars success?

commitment to his ethics and cricket is the key for tendulkars success

When sachin tendulkars debut in cricket at what age?

He gothis debut in very low age. He was 16 years old.

What is sachin tendulkar match fees?

Sachin Tendulkars fees for 1 Test match = £48,000 1 OdI match = £36,000 1 t20 match = £30,000

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