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a.k.a.: The National Basketball Association, not to be confused withed the ABA

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Q: What is the name of professional organization for basketball players?
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What must a basketball jersey have on it?

Team Name on the front, below the team name the players number on the front and the players number again on the back. Most professional leagues also have the players surname on the back as well right above the number.

What is the name of a basketball team that is owned by basketball players?

The jordan team

What is a roster in basketball?

A list of the players with name and number.

What is the name of the Boston professional basketball team?


What is a basketball players name that starts with an X?

Xavier Mcdaniel

What is the name of Brazil's professional basketball league?

Nove Basquete Brasil

What are some basketball team names that begin with the letter I?

Indiana Pacers is the name of a professional basketball team in the NBA.

What are the Australian basketball players name boys and girls?

the boys: you steve have no life

Name 2 Indian basketball players?

nikhai jaysen, mithil kapor

What is the basketball players name that wears a clear protective mask?

Richard Hamilton

What is the name of the old Disney movie about twin basketball players?

Double Team

What is chtd after a name?

It means a chartered memeber of a professional organization.