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Q: What is the name of intermediate gaelic football cup?
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What is the all Ireland club GAA football cup?

For Gaelic Football it is the Sam Maguire Cup. For Hurling it is the Liam McCarthy Cup.

In which sport is the Sam Maguire cup annually contested?

Gaelic Football.

What Gaelic team won the world cup in 2011?

There is no World Cup in Gaelic Football. The biggest competition is the All-Ireland championship. In 2011 Dublin won it.

Who won the Irish football cup final on 1977?

If you are referring to Irish soccer, then it was Dundalk. If you are referring to Gaelic Football, then in was Dublin.

When was Irish Intermediate Cup created?

Irish Intermediate Cup was created in 1893.

When was London Intermediate Cup created?

London Intermediate Cup was created in 1914.

What trophy are Cork and Dublin ladies contesting in the All-Ireland Football Final?

The Brendan Martin Cup is the trophy for the All-Ireland Ladies Gaelic Football Final.

What is the football name in the world cup 1930?

It was called the Jules rimett cup.

Does the host nation get to name the football of the world cup?

does the host nation in footballs world cu get to name the football

What is the name of the continental cup in Asia?

The AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Asian Cup.

What is the name of the trophy given to the winner of the Canadian Football League?

The Grey Cup

In which football world cup mariana was name head of god?

1986 fifa world cup.