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Q: What is the name of illinois's MLB baseball team?
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What Japanese baseball team has the same name and color as a MLB team?

The Giants

What is minnesota baseball team name?

If you're talking about their MLB team it's the Twins.

What was the worst baseball team?

There is no worst baseball team in MLB.

What is the name of the ottowa baseball team?

Ottawa has never had a major league baseball team. The only Canadian city in the MLB is the Toronto Blue Jays

Does Rhode Island have a MLB baseball team?


Where is the baseball team in athletes from?

The Athletes mlb team are from Oakland California.

What is a Major League Baseball team name that begins with the letter G?

The only MLB team whose name starts with G is the Giants (San Francisco).

What baseball teams start with an 'o'?

The Baltimore Orioles are the only Major League Baseball (MLB) team whose name starts with an 'o'. The Oakland Athletics are the only MLB team whose city/location starts with an 'o'.

NFL team with same name as Major League Baseball team?

New York Giants- NFL San Francisco Giants- MLB

Is there a new MLB team in Ohio?

As of 2008, there is no new Baseball team in Ohio

What does Milwaukee Brewers sing?

isn't that a baseball team? yep it is a Mlb baseball team,not a group of singers.

What team was the first in the MLB?

bASeBALl was evented n 1789

Who won the first baseball game in the MLB?

Not the team that lost

What is the name of the MLB team in Boston team?

The Boston Red Sox

Who was the first team in baseball?

The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first team in MLB history

What major league Baseball team starts with the letter e?

The only MLB Team with a team name starting with the letter E are the Montreal Expos, who are now the Washington Nationals.

Does Brazil have a baseball team?

Yes, they play baseball in Brazil. Of course there are no MLB teams.

What city did the bees play their Major League Baseball baseball?

San Jose but that was a minor league team not a MLB team.

What baseball team won the most World Series in the MLB?


What is Austin mahones favorite mlb team?

What is Austin mahone favorite baseball team

What was the name of Seattle's baseball team in 1960?

Seattle did not have an MLB team in 1960 but did have a AAA team in the Pacific Coast League named the Seattle Rainiers who were affliated with the Cincinnati Reds in 1960.

Can you finish a baseball game with only 8 players?

not in MLB a team forfeits if at any time it is unable to field a team of 9 players

Does the university of Hawaii have a baseball team?

They don't have a MLB team but they have a colledge team. And a bunch of Little league teams.

How many players are there on a starting baseball team?

9 start in the field. In the MLB, 25 are on the full team.

Who in baseball wore number 31 jersey?

what team? many MLB team (players) have used the # 31