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It is a combination of the two, I don't know that the combined technique as a single name.

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Q: What is the name of block which is a combination of Shuto gedan barai or Knife hand lower sweeping block and Shuto age uke Knife hand upper block in the kata heian yodan?
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What is the name of block which is a combination of shuto gedan barai or Knife hand lower sweeping block and shuto age uke or Knife hand upper block in the kata heian yodan?

It is a combination of the two, I don't know that the combined technique as a single name.

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They Belong to Chaurasiya Community .Which is Actually a Brahmin Community in Northen India ,but divided in to various Sub Castes.. (For Ref - See Wikepedia, Chaurasiya )Chaurasia is a Brahmin community in India and Nepal. The name originated from ancient Indian Vedas which basically refers to a Brahmin community in India. The word originates from a Vedic word 'chaturashiitah' which refers to eighty-four in sansakrita . In ancient India, according to the Hindu mythology it is believed there are eighty four thousand Yonis(breeds, types) of Gods existing in this universe. Every species which exist on Earth belong to a particular Yoni. At a later stage and for easy pronunciation it evolved to 'Chaurasia' (a Hindi equivalent also refers to eighty-four).A famous story behind the birth of this word states that once all dev gans (Devtas, Gods) assembled on Earth at a place called 'Naumi Sharayan' to perform some auspicious ceremony, and while they were approaching back to 'Bakunthya Dham' (Heaven) they all started feeling thirsty due to extreme heat on earth when a particular community came forward and quenched their thirst by serving them Beatle leaves .Impressed by their hospitality, the Devtas not only blessed them but also honoured them by gifting the title chaturashiitah i.e. 'CHAURASIA' . According to the Baudhâyanas'rauta-sûtra CHAURASIA's belong to Kashyapa, Some believe that they belong to [Bharadvâja],So there are many beliefs about Gotras .In recent days people of this community are employed in a variety of occupations (some also refers themselves as 'Vaishya' i.e. traders,since becoming followers of Vallabhacharya ji, adopting Vaishanavism nearly 300 years ago.) and their religious traditions and culture are becoming less of a factor in daily life.History of Chaurasia CommunityAccording to mythology, Mohini distributed Amrut (ambrosia) amongst various gods. The urn with the remaining of the Amrut was kept near Indra's elephant « Nagraja ». Growing inside the urn was a strange creeping plant and the gods became ecstatic. Vishnu ordered Dhanvantari to examine the plant. He thus discovered its stimulating quality. From then on, Vishnu began to offer its leaves, as a gesture of love and affection. Since, it is said , that the betel trine was born. It began to be associated with the Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh Trinity. The areca nut was attributed to Brahma, the Tambool (betel) leaf to Vishnu and lime to Mahesh.According to another legend, after the Pandavas' victory at Hastinapur, they began to have a fervent desire for Tambool. A messenger was urgently sent to the underground abode of the Queen of the snakes. The Queen, only too happy to oblige, cut the extreme phalange of her little finger and sent it to the Pandavas. The phalange was planted with great ceremony and soon the Betel plant grew out of the phalange. The creeper is since then referred to as « Nagveli » the snake plant. The ceremony of the leaves commemorates this origin and the Barais offer prayers to the God of snakes on the occasion.GotrasChaurasia community belongs to the following GotrasKashyapaBharadwajShandilyaRishiBrahmachariGaurharChaurasiaSharmaBaraiTamoliBhagatChaurishiChaudhariModiRaselaRajdheerSub castesFollowing are the synonyms of Chaurasia surname by regional preferences:Chaurasia (Belarampur, patti, pratapgarh) (U.P.)and Nepal.Chaurasia (Throughout India)Chourasia (Parts of North East India)Chaurishi (Parts of North India)Chaurasiya ( In Terai area of Nepal)Sharma (Throughout India)Jaiswal (North India)and Nepal.Bhardwaj (Throughout India)Kashyap (North India)Nag (North/East India)Bhagat (North/east India) & NepalBari (Central/western India)Barai (West Bihar/East UP)& NepalTamoli (West Bihar/East UP)Rishi (Central India)Brahmachari(North India)Gaurhar (North India)Modi (North India)Raut (Bihar Madhubani) and NepalRai (Bihar Madhubani)Munshi (Dhanbad Jharkhand)Rasela (Central India)Tiwari (Bihar Begusarai area)Categories: Brahmin co