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It would be a quadruple kickflip + a kickflip XD

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โˆ™ 2011-10-27 15:47:47
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Q: What is the name of a trick with 5 kickflips?
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Can dogs do 360 kickflips?

a dog's body is capable of the task, but teaching how to do that trick will be difficult.

What is the first skateboard trick a new person should learn?

ollie, then shoves and kickflips

Who made up the trick tre flip?

Rodney Mullen. He made up kickflips, heelflips, varials etc

What skateboard is best for kickflips?


What is next after you have learned a kickflip on a skateboard?

Whatever you want frankly. A kickflip is a very starting trick. You can now choose what you truly want to do. But for a flip based start I would try varial kickflips or double kickflips. If you want to go old school try 360 bonelesses, sal flips, street plants, and footplant impossibles.

What are the basic skateboard tricks?


Most kickflips in a minute?

david gravette will forever hold that title with a mind-blowing 47 kickflips all performed switch-stance in the time of one minute.

What order of operations equals 100 using 356254 and 5?

3+5-6-2+5*4*5 will do the trick.3+5-6-2+5*4*5 will do the trick.3+5-6-2+5*4*5 will do the trick.3+5-6-2+5*4*5 will do the trick.

What is the world record for most kickflips in 1 minute?


Who invented the varial heelflip?

Rodney Mullen, along with kickflips, heelflips, varial kickflips, 360 flips, laser flips, etc. But Chris Cole Invented The 360 Hardflip.

Who does the best kickflip?

The person with the best kickflips is either Mike Mo Capaldi OR Chris Cole OR Lizard King. Check them out and then decide for yourself (I would say Rodney Mullen,but since he INVENTED the trick it's not fair!)

Can you land kickflips?

no but i can kickflip and almost land i can land with 1 foot

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