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The class Crustacea comprises the majority of the marine species of the arthropods, although there are many freshwater species and even a few terrestrial ones such as the common sowbug. The most familiar are shrimps, crabs, and lobsters, but the diversity of the crustaceans in form and biology ranges from the gigantic king crab of the Pacific Ocean to a myriad of planktonic forms comprising the dominant herbivores of the ocean.

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Q: What is the name of a small marine crustacean?
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What is a small edible marine crustacean?


Shrimp like marine crustacean of the order euphausiacea?

A marine crustacean that is like a shrimp and in the order Euphausiacea is called krill. Krill are found in each of the oceans on Earth.

What is a shrimp-like marine crustacean of the order euphausiacea?


Which shrimp is a Burrowing marine crustacean with large grasping appendages?


What is a small crustacean?

Shrimp may be your answer.

How do you spell bonacrol?

The likely word here is the shelled marine crustacean, spelled "barnacle".

What do crustacean?

they eat small sea life.

Burrowing marine crustacean with a pair of large appendages?

Crabs, and the clawlike appendages are called chilipeds.

Are lobsters internal?

A lobster is a marine crustacean and the word 'internal' would not apply to them - your question can not be answered.

Are prawns vegetarian or non vegetarian food?

Prawns, or shrimp, are a type of marine crustacean, which are animals.

What is the name of a crustacean who lives attached by a stalk to pieces of wood?

The crustacean is a goose barnacle.

What is the name for crustacean phobia?