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It is a javelin (a type of spear).

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Q: What is the name of a long thin pole thrown in Olympus?
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What do you call a long thin pole thrown in Olympics?

The pole is called a javelin.

Long thin pole thrown in the Olympics?


What was the long thin pole called that was thrown in the Olympics in Greece?


Long thin pole thrown in olympics?

It's called a Javillon. (If it has a sharp edge on it)

Where did the name pole vault came from?

Well, participants use a long pole to vault (jump) over a rod, thus the name pole vault

What is the name of the bucket that attached to a long pole used to transfer river water?

A bucket that attached to a long pole and used to transfer river water is called a shadoof.

What is a long pole in lacrosse?

A long pole in Lacrosse is a defence pole.

What is a long stick and rhymes with droll?


What is an another name for rifle?

Long gun, smoke pole, thunder stick, etc..

What is another name for the north pole?

Another name for the North Pole is Terrestrial North Pole.

What is the name of the long pole to which you can attach a sail on a sailing ship?

Its called a mast. hope i helped :)

What is a name for a sail extending pole?

A spinnaker pole or a whisker pole.

Did Magnetic Pole gets its name from North Pole and South Pole?


What is the South Pole's real name?

The 'real name' of the South Pole is -- South Pole, or 90 degrees South latitude.

Why do you name North Pole as North Pole and south pole as south pole?

How the earth is turned on its axis

What is the name North Pole?

the geographic north pole.

What is a name for rigging pole?

Perhaps the whisker pole?

How long does a letter take to get to the North Pole?

There is no postal delivery to the North Pole.

How often does Olympus Mons erupt?

No one even knows if Olympus mons can erupt or not, I would think probablly not because the pole of mars is ice, but It can be possible, but it might not even be active anymore. All we know is that we think it erupted 40 million years ago.

What is the name of the continent at the South Pole?

The name of the continent at the South Pole is Antarctica.

What is the game in track when you jump over the long pole?

The pole vault.

How long is a 13ft pole to a point 8ft from the bottom of the pole?


What was the name of the pole star in the age of the pharaohs?

The name pf the Pole star in the time of the pharaohs was Thuban

What is the name for a washing pole?

The Washing Pole is another name for a Japanese sword used by Sasaki Kojirō.

How long is the pole used in pole vaulting?

Trick question: The pole used in pole vaulting may be any length. There are no restrictions as far as how long a pole can be or how much a pole can weigh. Poles are rated by the weight of the person using it. Looking at a site that sells poles they come in lengths from 7 feet to 16 feet.