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Divers (and others) call the compressed air cylinders used by divers tank(s) or Scuba tank(s).

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Q: What is the name of a compressed air cylinder used in skin diving?
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Skin diving and free diving are closely related but not exactly the same thing. Here's the distinction between the two: Skin Diving: Skin diving typically refers to snorkeling or diving underwater using minimal equipment, such as a mask, snorkel, and fins. Skin divers usually stay near the water's surface and hold their breath while exploring underwater environments. Skin diving is often recreational and may involve observing marine life, exploring reefs, or simply enjoying the underwater scenery. Skin diving is accessible to beginners and doesn't require extensive training or specialized equipment beyond basic snorkeling gear. Free Diving: Free diving, on the other hand, is a more advanced form of breath-hold diving that involves descending to greater depths underwater without the aid of breathing apparatus. Free divers use breath-holding techniques and specialized training to extend their dive times and depths. Free diving may involve disciplines such as constant weight, where the diver descends and ascends using only their own power, or dynamic apnea, where the diver swims horizontally underwater for distance. Free diving often requires more rigorous training, safety protocols, and physiological awareness than skin diving, as divers push their limits in terms of breath-holding ability and underwater performance. In summary, while both skin diving and free diving involve breath-hold diving without scuba equipment, skin diving typically refers to recreational snorkeling near the surface, while free diving encompasses more advanced breath-hold diving techniques and disciplines for exploring greater depths underwater.

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Skin diving is any underwater activity done without the use of SCUBA gear, using a mask and flippers, and possibly a snorkel.It includes swimming, spear fishing, free dive photography, competitive breath-hold free diving and other apnea competitions.