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tennis court

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Q: What is the name of a club of french middle class?
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What was the name of the middle class during the French Revolution?

The Burgeois.

What was another name for the middle class during the french revolution?


What was the name of the middle class people that went to the Globe Theatre?

middle class.

Name of middle class in ancient Rome?

The middle class in ancient Rome were the Equestrian order, or the Equites.

What was the name of the middle class of people in France?

The middle class people of France were known as the bourgeoisie. They represent the wealthiest social class, and are identifiable by their ownership of capital. In France, they represented the Third Estate, and were forced to shoulder the expenses of the first two estates prior to the French Revolution.

What is the name of the middle class during the middle ages?

well they were the middle class but you had different types of middle classes like the lords,bishops, earls, abbots and barons. Knights were what they called the the lower middle class.

What is another name for the middle class?

la Bourgeoisie

Name a member of the sumerian middle class?


How do you say middle name in french?

a middle name would be called 'deuxième prénom' in French. They are very rarely used in France.

Is the name laurance of french origin?

Laurance is English from the Middle English and Old French personal name Lorens.

Name of the privileged class before the french revolution?


What are the French words for Heart spade club and diamond?

The French words for "heart - spade - club - diamond" are: "coeur" (heart) - "pique" (spades) - "trèfle" (club - named trèfle after the French name for clover) - and "carreau" (diamond).

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