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Well, there are a couple of famous ones.

Heard of Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle?

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Q: What is the name of a baseball player born in 1931?
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Was Jackie Robinson born in 1931 in Oklahoma?

There may have been an individual of that name born in Oklahoma in 1931 but the great American baseball player of that name was born in Georgia in 1919.

What is the name of the original baseball award given to MVP?

The Major League baseball Most Valuable Player awards were established in 1931 by the Baseball Writers Association of America and have always been called the Most Valuable Player Awards.

Was there a baseball player by the name of Vince Barton that played with the Cubs?

Yes, there was a baseball player named Vince Barton that played for the Cubs. He had a very short career, starting in July 1931 and ending July 1932.

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What is the first name of baseball player fingers?

Hall-of-Fame pitcher Rollie Fingers was born Roland Glen Fingers.

Are there any celebrities that were born in Alaska?

YES, singer/songwriter Jewel, baseball player Curt Schilling to name a few

What is the name of the famous baseball player in the book the boy who saved baseball?

His name is Dante Del Gato.

What is baseball player Reese first name?

HIs first name is Pokey.

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I am a very rich baseball player, my name is Barry bonds. I get paid $5,000,000 a year.

What is the name of a gay baseball player?

Billy Bean

Who was the first NY Yankees baseball player?

the name of the first player is John Smith

Where in magnolia Arkansas was Harper a famous baseball player buried?

name of cemetery where harper a famous baseball player from the 1940'S was buried?

Is erick estrada Carlos from btrs real dad?

Carlos Pena Jrs. dad is a baseball player his name is Carlos to. im not sure what baseball team he is on but he is a baseball player.

Can you name this great baseball player known as the Georgia peach?

The great baseball player known as "Georgia Peach" is Ty Cobb.

What is on baseball cards?

baseball players pictures and statistics The baseball player, the brand, the statistics, and whoever the players name may be.

What is the first name of retired baseball player Martinez?


What is a baseball player that there name starts with W?

Willie Mays

What is the last name of Stan the famous baseball player?


What is the name of the person who throws the ball to a player in baseball?


Is there a former professional baseball player with a last name payano?


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Is Jose carreras a baseball player for the Oakland a's?

There is currently no one by that name in Major League Baseball.

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his real name is Samuel Sosa and he is a dominican baseball player