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Western Michigan has played home games at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo since 1939.

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Q: What is the name of Western Michigan Universitys Football stadium?
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What is the name of Western Michigan University's football stadium?

Waldo Stadium Waldo Stadium

Number of rows in Michigan State football stadium?

There are 3,467,902 rows in Michigan State's football stadium.

Which football stadium is the biggest?

== == Michigan Stadium- football game attendance often exceeds 111,000

What's the stadium capacity of the Michigan Wolverines Football stadium?


Biggest american football stadium?

Michigan Stadium, capacity of 109,901 people, in Ann arbor, Michigan

What is the largest American football stadium?

The largest American football stadium in America Michigan stadium nicknamed "the big house". It is located in Ann Arbor Michigan, near Detroit.

Who has the biggest staduim in college football?

1. Beaver Stadium (Penn State) 2. Michigan Stadium (Michigan)

What is the real name of Michigan University's stadium?

The U of M Ann Arbor football stadium is called Michigan Stadium, nicknamed "The Big House".

Which college football stadium has the highest number of seats?

The "Big House"College Football Stadium at Michigan Seats 107,501. Ohio State's College Football Stadium seats About 109,000 .

What is the largest football stadium?

It is Michigan Stadium in Michigan for Major League Football (NFL or National Football League).For College Football it is still The world's largest college football stadium is nicknamed the Big House and if that doesn't give it away then the answer is Michigan Stadium.Michigan Stadium is located at 1201 South Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan and is owned by the University of Michigan.The stadium was built in 1927, costing $950,000.00 and had an original capacity of 84,401 which has been increased to 107,501, but had a record crowd of 112,118 during a November 22, 2003 game against Ohio State.Michigan Stadium is home to the NCAA Michigan Wolverines.Check the link below for more info:

Who has the best college football stadiem?

Michigan Stadium. After renovations starting in 2008, " The Big House", as Michigan Stadium is nick-named, will have a capacity of 109,901. It is the largest football stadium in America, and has set attendance records with over 112,000 fans. The Big House is where the University of Michigan Wolverines play. Its located in Ann Arbor, Michigan

What college football stadium seats over 100000?

The Big House, Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI

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