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Western Michigan has played home games at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo since 1939.

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Waldo Stadium Waldo Stadium

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Q: What is the name of Western Michigan Universitys Football stadium?
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Which football stadium is the biggest?

== == Michigan Stadium- football game attendance often exceeds 111,000

What's the stadium capacity of the Michigan Wolverines Football stadium?


Who has the best college football stadiem?

Michigan Stadium. After renovations starting in 2008, " The Big House", as Michigan Stadium is nick-named, will have a capacity of 109,901. It is the largest football stadium in America, and has set attendance records with over 112,000 fans. The Big House is where the University of Michigan Wolverines play. Its located in Ann Arbor, Michigan

How many rows does Michigan stadium have?

Their are 95 total rows of seating..the last ten are the only ones that are visible outside of the stadium GO BLUE

What college football stadium seats over 100000?

1) Beaver Stadium (Penn State) 2) Michigan Stadium (Michigan) 3) Ohio Stadium (Ohio State) 4) Neyland Stadium (Tennessee) 5) Soldier Field (Notre Dame v. USC - 1929) 6) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Notre Dame v. USC - 1947) 7) Rose Bowl 8) JFK Stadium, also known as Municipal Stadium and Philadephia Stadium (Army v. Navy)

What is the football stadium at Michigan state University called?

Spartan Stadium. Opened in '23. Current capacity around 75,000.

Can you see the Busch Stadium scoreboard from Saint Louis Universitys dorms?

No, but Busch Stadium is a very, very short Metro ride from SLU.

When did Michigan Stadium open?

Michigan Stadium opened in 1927.

When was Michigan Stadium created?

Michigan Stadium was created in 1927.

What is the nickname for Michigan stadium?

The University of Michigan - The Big House Michigan State University - Spartan Stadium

Which college football team has the most fans?

That is debatable. Michigan has had the most fans in a stadium in a game, and there are fans growing everyday.

Where football play?

It is played in the stadium, football stadium.