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The great state of Virginia does not have an NFL team.

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Q: What is the name of Virgina's NFL team?
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What is the name of the Mississippi's NFL football team?

the name of the Mississippi NFL football team is Ole Miss

What NFL team name was retired by the NFL?

Houston oilers

What is the name of the NFL team in Utah?

Unlikely. The market the NFL wants for a team is Los Angeles.

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What NFL team name is ladies levis?


What is the name of the NFL team in New Orleans?

The Saints

What nfl team name is thievs?

The team that is sort of named the thieves is the Pittsburg Stellers.

What is the name of Pittsburghs baseball team?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's NFL football team name is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL team with same name as Major League Baseball team?

New York Giants- NFL San Francisco Giants- MLB

What NFL team name means swimming holes?

None of them

What is the name of Illinois's NFL football team?

The Chicago Bears.