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The Tiger Woods Foundation.

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Q: What is the name of Tiger Woods' charity?
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What charity does Tiger Woods like the most?

Probably his own, The Tiger Woods Foundation.

Does Tiger Woods have a charity?

Yes, it is called The Tiger Woods' Foundation, he devotes a lot of time and money to it.

Does Tiger Woods help the poor?

he has a charity for the poor

What did Tiger Woods do for charity?

nothing the lazy git

What is the birth name of Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods's birth name is Eldrick Tont Woods.

What is the real name of tiger woods?

His real name is Eldrick Tont Woods. His father Earl Woods has nicknamed him Tiger. He is mostly known as Tiger Woods.

What is Tiger Woods's first name?

His full name is Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods.

Does Tiger Woods donate money to charity?

No he is a selfish b@stard

Tiger Woods' actual first name?

Eldrick "tiger" woods.

What is Tiger Woods whole name?

Eldrick Tont 'Tiger' Woods.

What is Tiger Woods' actual first name?

His full name is Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods.

How is tiger woods the same as a tiger?

they are not the same in any way tiger woods is just a name

How much money has Tiger Woods donated to charity?

The exact amount is unknown but since 1996 his main charity, the Tiger Woods Foundation, has raised and dispersed more than $30 million to communities nationwide through grants, scholarships and the Tiger Woods Learning Center. Actually, the foundation distributes money that others have donated to the foundation--not Tiger Woods. So it is questionable whether Mr. Woods donates any of his own money to the foundation.

What is the tigre woods first name?

Tiger Woods was named Eldrick Woods, Tiger is simply a nickname.

What is the name of Tiger Woods brothers and sisters?

Tiger woods in an only child

Where did Tiger Woods get his name?

Eldrick "tiger" woods got his name to honor a man that saved his father's life "Earl Woods" in the war!!!!

When did Tiger Woods change his name?

It is not known if Tiger Woods has actually changed his name or not. Tiger is simply a nickname his father gave to him that has stuck.

What is Tiger Woods dads name?

Tiger Woods' dad was called Earl Woods, he passed away in 2006.

What was the name of Tiger Woods' father?

Tiger Woods father was Earl Woods. He died in 2006 from prostate cancer.

Why is he called Tiger?

When Tiger Woods' father Earl Woods was serving in Vietnam he had a friend who was a member of the Vietnamese army, His name was Vuong Dang Phong, Earl Woods called him Tiger. Earl Woods gave his son the name Tiger in honour of his friend and he has become known as it.

Tiger Woods birth name?

Eldrick Woods

Tiger Woods mother name?

Kultida Woods

What is Tiger Woods mom's name?

Kultida Woods.

Tiger Woods dads name?

Earl Woods

What is Tiger Woods mom name?

Kultida Woods.