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Staplewood in Marchwood

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Q: What is the name of Southampton fc training ground?
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When was Southampton fc formed?

Southampton FC was formed in 1885 originally named St. Mary's YMA.

Hibs fc training ground address?

east mains

What was the name of a former Southampton FC goalkeeper who was also a pig farmer?

Paul Jones

Why does Southampton fc suck?

they dont

How do you support Southampton?

Southampton FC are a well supported club, and to support them is a big thing as all the fans are very proud of being Southampton Supporters and usually buy merchandise. And have a strong hate towards Southampton FC rivals Portsmouth FC. As long as you are proud and say your a Southampton supporter, your already there. Olly11

Were is Hibernian FC training ground?

Hibernian , play at Easter Road

Southampton fc wage bill?

Southampton Football Club is one of the clubs currently playing in the English Premier League. The wage bill of Southampton FC is 64 million pounds.

What league are Southampton fc in?

Npower Championship

What league does Southampton f c in?

you mean what league are Southampton fc in and there in 2nd league

What is Southampton fc's address?

It is Southampton Football Club, St Mary's Stadium, Britannia Road Southampton Hampshire SO14 5FP

Where do the Saints FC play their home games?

Saints FC is a nickname for the British football club Southampton FC. This club is based in Southampton, Hampshire and plays their home games in the stadium there. This stadium is called St Mary's.

What are the two circular structures by the football ground on Britannia Rd in Southampton?

The two circular structures visible in an aerial photo to the north of Southampton FC's St. Mary's stadium on Brittania Road are Gasometers - large gas containers.