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The Pirates

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Q: What is the name of Pittsburghs baseball team?
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What is Pittsburghs NHL team?


Pittsburghs 2nd professional football team?

Pittsburgh's second professional football team is the Pittsburgh Passion. They are a professional football team they are womens though. There is not a second Pittsburgh mens professional football team.

What is the Maryland baseball team name?

what is marylands baseball team name

What is the name of the Philly's baseball team?

The Philadelphia Phillies is the name of Philly's baseball team.

Was there a baseball team called the undertakers?

No there was not a baseball team with the name of The Undertakers.

What is the name of the Cincinnati baseball team?

The professional baseball team is the Reds.

Is baseball team a proper noun?

No, the noun phrase 'baseball team' is a common noun, a general word for any baseball team anywhere. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place or thing. A proper noun for 'baseball team' is the name of a baseball team, such as the Mudville Nine.

What is Venezuela's baseball team name?

The Venezuelan National Team

What was the name of abler Doubledays baseball team?

Since Abner Doubleday had nothing whatsoever to do with the development of baseball, this question is meaningless. There is no team name because there was no team.

What is the name of the American International College's baseball team?

The name of the American International College baseball team is the yellow jackets. They are at the top of their league and they have 172 members on their team.

Who is Pittsburghs quarterback for 2008?

Ben Roethlisberger

What was the full name of the first team to play baseball?

Cincinnati Reds was the first baseball team..

What was the name of the first negro baseball team?

well the first negro baseball team was the stars

What is the team name of Dallas' baseball team?

they don't have one but they have a football team and a basketball team

What is the name of Dallas baseball team?

dallas does not have a baseball team, Arlington which is nearby hosts the Texas rangers

What is Nevada's baseball team name?

NEVADA's base ball team name is the Wild Cats

What baseball team has a foreign name and also a foreign team name?

San Diego Padres

What was the date of pittsburghs first sports championship?


What is the name of Mexico's baseball team?

the lobos are the main name for all the sports teams in New Mexico.But It all depends on what kind of baseball team you want to know the name to but if you want the name to the most popular team in New Mexico your answer would be the lobos

Does Oakland have a baseball team?

Yup! Oakland does have a baseball team, their name is the Oakland A's (Athletics).

How do you change your team name in fantasy baseball?

you can not create a new team

A baseball team that its team name starts with the letter I?

Indians (Cleveland)

What is the name of the Georgia team?

The Atlanta Braves is the pro baseball Georgia team

What Japanese baseball team has the same name and color as a MLB team?

The Giants

What is the name of Maryland's baseball team?