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Melvin Mora's at bat song is by Celia Cruz and is titled: "La Vida Es Un Carnaval"

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Q: What is the name of Melvin Mora and Miguel Tejada's at-bat music and where can I download it?
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What is a five letter word for awaiting the pitch?

at bat (atbat)

In baseball are you allowed to switch the way you hit during an atbat?

Yes you are. You can even if you have two strikes on you

What atbat song is played for Jacoby Ellsbury?

His song in the 2011 season was "Let it rock" by Kevin Rudolf. He may change it for the 2012 season but hopefully not!

Can a pitcher change his delivery from pitch to pitch like slide-step to full leg kick back to slide-step while pitching to the same batter?

A pitcher can change his release type as many times as he wants during any atbat. Of course most pitchers don't. If there aren't any baserunners on then he will use the full leg kick to generate the most power. If he has baserunners on the he will use the slide step in order for runners to have less of a jump in case they want to steal. Sometimes you will see a pitcher use the full leg kick with a runner on third base because runners do not usually steal home. Therocket4ever

Can a apitcher switch hands during an atbat?

Yes, the player may surely switch sides; he may do so as long as the pitcher is not in the "ready position" (see rule 6.06),and, shall be called out if the batter attempts to switch sides during the pitcher's windup.(Incidentally, there has always been a popular myth in the baseball culture that a batter can only switch sides before there are two strikes. This is just a false statement). Read your baseball rulebook! Yes, he can. It usually happens when the opposing team changes pitchers. Generally, left-handed hitters hit better against right-handed pitchers (and vice versa), so if a switch hitter is batting left-handed against a right-handed pitcher, and the other team changes to a lefty in the middle of the at-bat, the switch hitter will usually move to the right side of the plate to counter this. There is no rule in the MLB rule book that states how many times a batter can switch sides during an at bat. However, once the pitcher steps on the rubber, whatever side the batter is on is the side he must bat from for that pitch. Per above, there is no rule in the rulebook that states that he cannot change from one batter's box to the other in the middle of an at-bat. The only rule about switching boxes is 6.06b which says that he cannot switch boxes if the pitcher is in the ready position. Otherwise, no problem. yeah they can i have done it before addendum - PBUC 'Pat Venditte rule' Pitcher must indicate which arm he will use to throw the next pitch and then the batter must take either box. I am not sure what rule number in the PBUC that this falls under. If anyone has it please add it for me.