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Post Fiji Stadium

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Q: What is the name of Fiji's rugby stadium?
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What is the name of Fijis rugby team?

the fijiansor the Sevens'

What is the name of England's national rugby stadium?


What is the name of the London Irish rugby grounds?

London Irish Rugby Club, Madejski Stadium

What is the name of bath rugby's stadium?

Recreation Ground AKA ' The Rec'

What is fijis currencey?

Fijis jas

What type of place is used for rugby league?

in a rugby stadium

Who is the tenant of Murrayfield Stadium?

The tenants of Murrayfield Stadium are Scotland national rugby union team and Edinburgh Rugby.

What is the le stade francais?

it's the name of a rugby team based near Paris and the stadium where they play

What is the name of argentinas football stadium?

There is no national rugby stadium. Nowadays, Argentina is using VELEZ SARSFIELD stadium for their international test matches.

Where do saints rugby league train?

Illawarra Stadium

Where the HK Rugby Sevens held?

The HK Stadium.

What new stadium in dunedin is being used for the rugby world cup 2011?

Its Otago Stadium