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diala, suzy,emma

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Q: What is the name of Bill Parcells children?
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What is the birth name of Bill Parcells?

Bill Parcells's birth name is Duane Charles Parcells.

Bill Parcells real name?


What is Bill Parcells's birthday?

Bill Parcells was born on August 22, 1941.

When was Bill Parcells born?

Bill Parcells was born on August 22, 1941.

What nicknames does Bill Parcells go by?

Bill Parcells goes by The Big Tuna.

What is Bill Parcell's real first name?

His birth name is Duane Charles Parcells.

What sport is Bill Parcells famous for coaching?

Bill Parcells was an NFL head coach (American football).

Who was head coach the of the 1996 New England Patriots super bowl team?

Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick was an Assistant coach for Parcells that year.

Who was Cowboys coach in 2004?

Bill Parcells my man

Who coached Dallas Cowboys in 2005?

Bill Parcells

What NFL team is Bill Parcells coaching for the 2009 season?

Bill Parcells is out of coaching, at least for now. He's currently the head of football operations for the Miami Dolphins.

What coach was in place when Quincy Carter was released?

Bill Parcells