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There isn't 'one'. Australia plays Rugby test matches, in Sydney (ANZ Stadium), Brisbane (Suncorp Stadium), Perth (Subiaco Oval) and Melbourne (MCG)

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Q: What is the name of Australia's rugby unions national stadium?
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What is the name of Argentina's national rugby stadium?

There is no national rugby stadium. Nowadays, Argentina is using VELEZ SARSFIELD stadium for their international test matches.

Who is the tenant of Murrayfield Stadium?

The tenants of Murrayfield Stadium are Scotland national rugby union team and Edinburgh Rugby.

What is the name of England's national rugby stadium?


What is Australias nick name for rugby?

The Wallabies.

What is the name of Ireland's national rugby stadium?

AVIVA Stadium (formerly known as Lansdowne Road Stadium)

What was the venue of the 2012 National Rugby League Grand Final?

The venue of the 2012 National Rugby League Grand Final was Sydney's ANZ Stadium.

Where is the millennium stadium and what sport is played there?

The stadium is located in Cardiff, Wales. It is used for the Wales national rugby team. The stadium is also often used by the Wales National Football Team.

What sporting events are held at the Liberty Stadium?

Liberty Stadium is located in Swansea and is a stadium that is home to the Ospreys national rugby team. In addition to rugby games there are conferences and live music events held there also.

Who is the tenant of Aviva Stadium?

The tenant of Aviva Stadium are Ireland national rugby union team, Republic of Ireland national football team, IRFU and FAI.

Which is Australias famous sports?

The rugby Union is Australia's most famous sport.

What the biggest rugby stadium In six nations?

Behest rugby stadium in six nations

Where do Ireland play their national rugby union matches?

In Lansdowne Road, sometimes referred to as the Aviva Stadium.

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