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2012 real madrid transfer budget

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Q: What is the name given to the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid?
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When is the match Barcelona vs real Madrid 2011?

The first match between Real Madrid and Barcelona was played at the Bernebaue It is called The El Classico The Classic.Barcelona won it 2-0.

Who won the football match between real mad-rid and Barcelona in the UFA?

Real Madrid

When was the first match in history between real Madrid and Barcelona?

The time when Football was brought to life :)

Why they call real Madrid vs Barcelona classic o?

A football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona , two arch rivals is called The El Cassi co. Or The Classic.

Which match is called el classico?

Each match played between Barcelona and Real Madrid , is called the El Classsico or The Classic.

Who is losing the game of Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Real madrid will lose the match because barcelona is coming with more anger than madrid

When will barcelona and real madrid match start in bangladesh time?


Which team won the match between real madrid and fc barcelona on 2 february 1958 in the el clásico in spain?

Barcelona won it 2-1 . with goals from Lineker and roberto, Hugo sanchez scored for Real Madrid.

Which team won the match between real Madrid and fc Barcelona on 23 may 1987 in the el cl sico in Spain?

Barcelona, 2-1, with goals from Lineker and Roberto. Hugo Sanchez scored Madrid's goal.

Which soccer match is called the El classico?

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

What were the football match results between Real Madrid and Barcelona for the last five years back?

29th November 2010: Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid 10th April 2010: Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 29th November 2009: Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid 2nd May 2009 Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid 13th December 2008 Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 7th May 2008: Barcelona 1-4 Real Madrid 23rd December 2007: Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid 10th March 2007: Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid 22nd October 2006 Barcelona 0-2 Real Madrid The next game is on the 17th April 2011.

When was Barcelona's last match against real Madrid?

at the camp nou 2-1