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Q: What is the name given to Carib chiefs?
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Is the speical name for st kitts liamigua?

Liamigua is the name given to St. Kitts by the original inhabitants "the Carib Indians".

What was the name of the carib's house and the name of the arawak's house?

the arawaks house name is a caneye

Is Struan a boy's name?

Yes, it's a Scottish name meaning "stream", and has traditionally been given to chiefs of various clans.

What was the name of the head of the carib village?

they were called the ouboutu

What was an important part of the Carib life?

An important part of Carib life was their strong sense of community and social organization. They lived in extended families or clans and made decisions collectively through a system of consensus. They also had a complex system of leadership, with chiefs and shamans playing important roles in their society.

What is and other name for the caribs and arawaks?

Kalinago is the formal name or better yet the name the Caribs themselves would prefer to be known as. Carib was the name given to them by the Europeans and as such had little or no meaning to them.Many have suggested that Taino is the formal name of the Arawaks.

Where did manatee get its name?

It came from a Carib Indian word, "manati".

What is the name of a Carib leader called?

wwho is the leader of the caribs

What inspired the Kansas City Chiefs name?

The Chiefs name was derived from a poll held in the Kansas City area.

When was Carib Aviation created?

Carib Aviation was created in 1972.

When did Carib Aviation end?

Carib Aviation ended in 2008.

What were carib huts called?

a carib house was called a karbay