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full back

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Q: What is the name for the defense side of the soccer team is it fullback or halfback?
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What are the name of positions in football?

Offense Quarterback halfback fullback wide receiver tight end tackle guard center Defense middle linebacker outside linebacker defensive end defensive tackle cornerback strong safety free safety

Where do quarterbacks get their name?

A quarter mean 1/4 of something. Thus there are four diffenent backs on offense. Quarterback, Fullback, Running Back, and Halfback.

What is another name for defender in soccer?


What sport relies more on defense?

Hockey, Soccer, Football just to name a few

What is another name for running back?


Who is in the Australian rugby league team for 2010?

The team as it stands, 2010 : Luke Burt (Wing/Fullback) Nathan Cayless - Captain (Prop) (Leaving) Jarryd Hayne (Fullback) Nathan Hindmarsh - Captain(Second Row) Feleti Mateo (Lock/Five Eighth) (Leaving) Krisnan Inu (Centre/Wing) (Leaving) Joel Reddy (Centre/Wing) Kris Keating (Five Eighth/Halfback) (I think he is leaving) Matt Keating (Hooker) Eric Grothe (Wing) Justin Horo (Second Row/Lock) Tom Humble (Halfback/Fullback) Taniela Lasalo (Second Row/Centre) Tim Mannah (Prop) Manase Manuokafoa (Prop) Anthony Mitchell (Hooker) Fuifui Moimoi (Prop) Daniel Mortimer (Halfback/Five Eighth) Brendan Oake (Second Row/Lock) Justin Poore (Prop) Jeff Robson (Halfback/Five Eighth) Shane Shackleton (Prop/Second Row) Ben Smith (Second Row) Timana Tahu (Centre) Etu Uaisele (Wing/Centre/Fullback) Jonathan Wright (Centre/Wing)

What is the name of the pass that the quarterback pitches to the halfback?

shuffle pass

How many players up a soccer team name the categories?

eleven, what do you mean categories? ... like offense + midfield + defense

What are some tough guy name?

Mack Strong Actual name of retired Fullback for the Seattle Seahawks.

What was the name of university of Tennessee fullback all time leading rusher?

Shawn Bryson?

What is another name for a defender in soccer?

They help defend the goal, by trying to stop the other team scoring. The goalkeeper stays in the goal and the defenders are further out, trying to stop the other team getting close to the goal or getting a shot at goal. There are usually four defenders, though it is up to the manager as to how many they have. That will depend on their tactics. So they might have an extra defender or they could decide to have one less and move another player towards the middle or front of the pitch.

What is a good name for a football store?

Kick It Soccer SupplySoccer StopOne Stop Soccer ShopCompete Soccer EquipmentGet In The Game Soccer Shop(Town name or name's) Soccer Shop (For example John's Soccer Shop or Stonecreek Soccer Shop)Goal! Soccer ShopTurf- Soccer Supply