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A bib

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Q: What is the name for the bib on a golf shoe?
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What is a bib in the fish world?

A bib is another name for a pouting or pout whiting.

Name a shoe that should not be worn in a marathon?

high heels sandals boots dress shoes golf shoes

What is the best golf shoe?

Foot joy

What does the name Ha-bib mean in Arabic?

my darling

Jewish people trace their ancestry to a single forefather what was his name?

Abraham Issac and Jacob

What was the michelin mans name?

Bibendum. Also referred to as Bib, or Bibelobis.

What is the name of the thing that babies put on their chest when they want to eat?


What was 'Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda'?

Bib-label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda was the original name of the very popular drink 7up

what sizes do the Adidas Torsion GolfLite Tour Leather Men's Golf Shoe come in?

The Adidas Torsion GolfLite Men's Golf Shoe is available in sizes from 8.5 Regular all the way to 12.5 Wide.

What does bib mean?

.bib is a file extension

Name the worse kind of shoe to wear in a marothan?

here is the list of what not to wear in a marathon....high heels, sandals, boots, dress shoes and golf shoes

What does bib mean in England?

A bib is a protective cloth covering worn around a baby's neck and covering his or her chest and stomach, during feeding. Any spilled food will go onto the bib, rather than the child's skin or clothing. A bib is also the name for a patch of differently coloured fur on the chest of an animal.