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For a round of Golf- one under. For a given hole- a birdie.

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Q: What is the name for one shot under par?
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What is under par?

1 shot is hole in one 1 shot under par is birdie 2 shots under par is eagle 3 shots under par is albatross Over par is boogie.

What does One under par in golf mean?

One under par for a hole is one shot less than par, say you make a 3 on a par 4, this is a birdie. One under for a round is where you had a round which was one shot less than par, say you shot 71 on a par 72.For holes played, or for that round, or for the tournament, the player has taken one less shot to play those holes than par.

What is the name for a four under par score called at a par 5?

these are the scores for strokes under par. 5 shots = par 4 shots= birdie 3 shots= eagle 2 shots= double eagle or albatross 1 shot = hole in one

Which birds name means two under par in golf?

A score for one hole that is one under par is an, "Eagle".

How do you say one under par in German?

one under par = eins unter par

What is one less par?

one under par is called a "birdy" 2 under par is called "eagle"

Which is better in golf - a bogie or a birdie?

A birdie - a bogey is one shot over par on a given hole, and a birdie is one shot under par on a given hole - so, a bogey is two shots worse than a birdie.

What is the first shot on a par three hole?

The first shot on a par three, just like the first shot on any hole is called the tee shot. There is no special name for it.

Origine of birdie and eagle in golf?

"Bird" was a slang term for 'good' in the 19th century and so a great shot on the golf course became known as a 'bird', which then turned into 'birdie'. It was used for any under-par score at first. Then, 'eagle' was added to maintain the avian theme and it differentiated a shot of two under par, from the 'birdie', which was one under par. An extremely rare three under par shot is now called an 'albatross' (aka 'double eagle').

What is the name for a three under par score called on a par 4?

It is called a double eagle or a hole in one.

What is one under par?

A birdie is a golf hole played one under par.

If you shoot 20 rounds under par what is your handicap?

It depends how many shots under par you shot and the difficulty of the course. But it would be + something.

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