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Q: What is the music used in star cricket friends provident trophy commercial?
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How much weight cricket wc trophy?

The weight of cricket world cup trophy is around 11 kilograms.Height of trophy is 60cm.

What is weight of cricket world cup trophy?

The weight of cricket world trophy is around 11 kilograms.The height is 60cm.

The shell trophy is competed in what sport?

The Shell Trophy is competed for in cricket.

What are the cups associated with cricket game?

The Ranji Trophy is associated with the sport of cricket.

Who won the champion trophy 2013?

India defeated England in the final to win the Champions Trophy 2013 (Cricket)

Which game is associated with duleep trophy?


Which game is related with duleep trophy?


The Australian and English cricket trophy?

The Ashes

Which sport is ranjhi trophy associated?


Which sport is wills trophy associated?


Who won ranji trophy 2011?

The Ranji Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket championship played in India between different city and state sides.

Which trophy do Australia and South Africa play test cricket for?

There isn't a trophy in Test cricket that Australia and South Africa play for (as at 18 December 2008).