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Q: What is the movie in which a football team crashes in mountains?
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Which football team is near the rocky mountains?

The Denver Broncos are in Colorado near the Rocky Mountains. Your welcome! ;)

What was the name of the football team ihe the movie The Longest Yard?

They named the team "Mean Machine"

What movie has a football player shooting another football player?

You may be thinking of Gridiron Gang, where a prison makes a football team, where there are many gang members. That is a good movie!

What was the remember the titans movie about?

Football, and the important element of working as a team.

Is the predators American football team in scary movie 1 real?

yes it is

Which comedy movie is about prison inmates forming a football team?

The Longest Yard

What is the names of the football real Madrid team movie?

Goal 2:Living the Dream

What is the name of brick's pro football team in the movie cat on a hot Tim roof?

The Dixie Stars.

In the movie any given Sunday what is the name of the team coached by tony d amato?

He coached the fictional professional football team the "Miami Sharks".

What is 'lions of the Atlas' in Spanish?

"Los leones del Atlas" is a Spanish equivalent of "lions of the Atlas (Mountains)."The phrase represents the nickname of the Moroccan national football team. The lion is the team's much beloved, unofficial symbol. The Atlas Mountains are a North African mountain range.

Which is more dangerous being on a football team or basketball team?

Football team

What is the setting of a football team?

The setting of a football team is the arrangement of how football team players play football on the pitch e.g 442