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Fired Up!

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Q: What is the movie called where the two boys go to cheer camp instead of football?
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What is the movie that the cheer leaders watch in fired up the movie?

bring it on :)

Is there a Western Movie with Ramsey in the title?

It is not a movie, instead it was a TV series called "Hec Ramsey."

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"Bring it on" movie series

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game plan

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no its just feeling

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Can you list the names of the cheer leaders in the movie bring it on in it to win it?

Carson and brook

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No, the movie was not filmed there, instead in a theme park similar to it also called adventureland.

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i think the move was called "The Program" Omar Epps is one of zthe main characters

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yes, the Program is one the best football movies. It stars James Caan, Halle Berry, and Omar Epps. It came out in 1993.