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west Virginia baylor 2012

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Q: What is the most yards of offense in a single game of college football?
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How many yards is the offense penalized for pass interference?

In college football, the penalty is 15 yards. In the NFL, the penalty is 10 yards.

Total yards both teams single game college football?


What is football offense?

Football Offense is the QB, RB and, FB ..ect... The people that make the touchdowns and gain yards ..ect......

How many yards is a college football field?

100 yards

How many yards is a holding penalty in college football?

10 yards

What is a down in football?

A down is a cetain time of pessesion method in football each offense have 4 downs to gain more yards in but if the offense doesn't gain the required yards in a certain down. they may have to punt the ball.

What NCAA division 1-a football game had the most total yards offense?


What was the longest college football sack?

6000 yards

Who has the highest single season rushing yards per carry in college football?

Marshall Faulk Reggie Bush - 8.7 YPC (2005) 200 carries for 1740 yards

What is a first down in football?

A first down is gained when the offense gains ten or more yards.

What does tackle do in football?

It brings the current play to a halt and stops the offense from gaining further yards.

Who has the most yards after contact in college football?

Trent Richardson

What are passing yards in football?

When a quarterback throws to an receiver or anyone on offense eligible on then the yards thrown from where the ball was placed and the offense player catches and extends the play until he Is tackled out of bounds or scores

How far must a football travel on a kickoff before it can be touched?

the football must travel ten yards for the offense to touch it. However, if the ball hits a defender, it is a live ball(the offense can recover it.)

How many yards are penalized for a chop block in football?

In the NFL, the penalty is 15 yards. In college, the penalty is 10 yards.

What happens on the fourth down in football?

If the offense team misses or failed to gain 10 yards, the defense will take over the ball thus changing the defense to be on offense and offense to be on defense.

Who has the most rushing yards in college football history?

Barry sanders

Who has the most rushing yards in a season of college football?

Barry Sanders

What is the college single game passing yards record?

717 yards by Andre Ware (1989)

Which college quarterback has most passing yards in a single game?

David Klingler with 716 yards

Who is the leader for total offense yards gained in NCAA history?

There have been many great running backs and receivers in college football. However, the record for the most total career yards gained is held by quarterback Case Keenum who gained 20,114 yards with Houston from 2007-2011.

Who rushed for most yards in one season in college football?

Ben Hayes in 1921 rushed for 3,928 yards.

Who has the most yards thrown in a single NFL football game?

Drew Brees

What is the average distance of a punt in college football?

30.4 yards per punt

What was longest football pass without yards after catch college and pro?