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In the spring of 2000, Savannah State (a provisional division I team.moving from DII to DI) won 46 straight games. That season SSU went 46-3, losing there final three games to Savannah College of Art and Design and a double header to MEAC champions Bethune Cookman. That year SSU led the nation in hitting, pitching, and scoring.

That broke a NCAA record that was held by University of Texas and Florida Atlantic at 40 and a college record of 43 held by Marietta College.

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NCAA Division I -- 73, Wichita State 1982 (14 losses)

NCAA Division II -- 61, Kennesaw (Ga.) State 1998 (5 losses)

NCAA Division III -- 59, Marietta (Ohio) College 1981 (5 losses)

NAIA -- 73, Oklahoma City, 2007 (7 losses)

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34-Fla. Atlantic, 1999; Texas, 1977

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Q: What is the most wins in a NCAA baseball season?
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