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Salim Durani, July 2009, as follows: b, . , b, b, b, lbw. = W, 0, W, W, W, W.

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Q: What is the most wickets taken by a single bowler conceding no runs in an innings?
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What is called a 5 wicket haul in cricket?

A single bowler taking 5 wickets in an innings is called "a 5 wicket haul"

What does took 5 wickets mean?

It means that the bowler dismissed 5 batsmen from the batting team by means of bowling them out or caught behind or caught in the field or leg before wicket. Taking 5 wickets in one match is a great achievement.

Who has the most number of wickets on a single venue in ODIs?

Wasim Akram has taken 122 wickets in 77 Matches at Sharjah, that's record for most wickets by a bowler on a single venue.

Who is the first cricketer to take all ten wickets in a single innings in test cricket?

Anil Kumble

How many bowlers have taken 7 wickets in a single innings at the Cricket World Cup?

Andy bichel

What is a 10 fer in cricket?

A single bowler taking ten wickets in a Test match has taken a ten-fer.

Which Australian left handed bowler took the most wickets in a single test match at the Sydney cricket ground?

it was mitchell Johnson

Which bowler have taken ten wickets in Single One-day or limited overs match?

Mehboob Alam from Nepal against Mozambique in Jersey, UK, on 25 May 2008 took all 10 Wickets and holds Guinness world record.

Who has taken seven wickets in a single innings in world cup cricket?

Glan McGrath (Australia)-2003, Andy Bichel (Australia)-2003 & Winston Davis (West Indies)-1983.

How many bowlers took 10 wickets in an innings?

Only two bowlers have done this feat in the history of the Test Cricket. The first bowler to achieve was Jim Laker of England; 10 for 53, against Australia in 1956. And the second bowler is Anil Kumble of India who took all the ten wickets (10 for 74) in 1999 against Pakistan.

Which is the soccer team that became champion without conceding a single goal?


Who is the greatest cricket player ever?

Best batter: Don Bradman (average of 99.98 runs per innings)Best bowler: Muttiah Murilitharan (over 600 wickets)It's Sir Donal BrandmanShane Warne also has over 600 wickets which were taken against much more talented opponents. Hence "King of Spin"If it had to go to a single person, I would say Sachin Tendulkar, numbers and averages aside I will quote Matthew Hayden "I have seen god, he bats at number 3 for India"No , its Rahul DravidJacques of June 2010, and still going.....11,000 test runs (avg 55), 11,000 ODI runs (avg 46), 263 test wickets (avg 31), 254 ODI wickets (avg 32). No one matches that overall performance.