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Q: What is the most touchdowns scored in single season by high school athlete?
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Who scored the most touchdowns in a season?


How many touchdowns have the giants scored?

The Giants have scored 15 touchdowns in the 2008-09 season as of week 6.

What high school football player has scored the most touchdowns in a high school season?

Im actually not so sure, but this friday if he scores 7 more poins, joseph sadler of Devine, Texas, will have the scored the most touchdowns in one season in the US

Who scored the most touchdowns in an season?

Tom Brady

What nfl player scored the most touchdowns in a single season?

The player with the most touchdowns in NFL history is LaDainean Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers. He scored 31 TD's in one season. He actually scored 32 touchdowns!!

Most touchdowns scored in a game?

The most touchdowns scored in a game was 26. It was by Marshall Faulk, in 2000, with zero fumbles in a season.

Who has scored the most touchdowns in a season at Alabama?


When did Barry Sanders make 39 touchdoowns in a single season?

Sanders scored 39 touchdowns in his Heisman Trophy season of 1988. Sanders scored 39 touchdowns in his Heisman Trophy season of 1988.

Which player scored the most touchdowns in 1980?

In the NFL, running back Billy Sims of the Detroit Lions scored the most touchdowns in the 1980 season with 16.

Who holds the record for most touchdowns scored in their rookie season?

Jerry Rice

What NFL player scored most touchdowns in 2002 season?

Priest Holmes of the Kansas City Chiefs led the NFL in touchdowns in the 2002 season with 24.

How many records did the patriots break in 2007?

Most points scored in a season Most touchdowns in a season Most consecutive regular season victories Most victories in a season Randy Moss broke the touchdowns receiving in a season Tom Brady broke the touchdowns passing in a season

What percentage of all touchdowns in nfl are scored by defense?

In the 2010 regular season, there were 1270 touchdowns scored ... 1150 by the offense, 79 by the defense, and 41 by special teams. This puts TDs scored by the defense at 6.2%.

How many touchdowns did Walter Payton score in the 1977 season?

Walter Payton scored 16 touchdowns in the 1977 season, and earned the Associated Press MVP award.

What running back scored the most receiving touchdowns in a season?

Marshall Faulk had 9 receiving touchdowns in 2001 for st Louis rams

What NFL team scored the most touchdowns in one season?

The 2007 New England Patriots

Who was the running back that scored 26 touchdowns earning a single season record in 1975?


How many touchdowns has tony gonzalez scored?

Through 4 games of the 2008 season, Tony Gonzalez has scored 68 regular season TDs and 2 playoff TDs.

How many touchdowns per game did the Philadelphia Eagles average last year?

The 2008 Eagles scored 45 touchdowns in 16 regular season games for an average of 2.8 TDs scored per game.

Which player scored 2 receiving touchdowns against the Saints in the 2007 season opener?

Reggie Wayne

How many touchdowns have the patriots scored this season 2010?

63 -37 passing19 rushing3 on returns4 on interceptions

What high school player holds the record for most rushing touchdowns in a season?

Mesghina 107 touchdowns in 1999.

Who scored 23 touchdowns in 1975?

That was O.J. Simpson of the Buffalo Bills who scored 16 rushing TDs and 7 receiving TDs in the 1975 season.

How many touchdowns did cam have this season?

He has 13 Touchdowns this season

Who holds the Dallas Cowboys single season TD record?

Emmitt Smith scored 25 rushing touchdowns during the 1995 season.