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Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United are all wildly successful.

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Q: What is the most successful football club in England?
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Which is the most successful football club in england?


Who is the most succesful football team in England?

Liverppol Fc are the most successful club side in the history of the game

What is the most successful club in the world if you count all sports such as Football basketball etc?

Rangers Football Club are the most domestically successful football team in the world

Who is the most successful club side in northern Ireland?

Linfield Football Club would be considered the most successful club in Northern Ireland.

The most successful football club in the world?

Manchester United

Which british football club is the most successful?

Manchester united

Most successful club country in football?

Manchester united

Who are the most successful scottish football club?

Celtic FC

Most sucessfull football club in England?


What is best Egyptian football club?

Al-Ahly is the best and most successful Football club in Africa and Egypt.

Most successful rugby club in England?

cas tigers

List of most successful football clubs in England?

The three most successful clubs in England are Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

What football team in England has the most fans?


Who is the most successful team in the world?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club

The most successful team in England?

It is Liverpool football club with 18 league cups 5 champion league and f.A cups as well.

Who is the most profatable football club in England?

Arsenal Liverpool.

Who Is The most successful football team in England?

I think Liverpool FC

Who is the most successful English football club ever and by how many trophies?

it is Liverpool

Which football club has provided England with the most players?

Aston Villa

What is the most southerly football league club in England?

Plymouth Argyle

Who is England's most northerly football club?


What football club has the most fans worldwide?

no one knows but international it is England

What is the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United?

Manchester United and Liverpool are both football clubs in the UK. They are two of the most successful clubs in England and both claim the title of the Greatest English Football Club.

Where is the Carlton Football Club located?

The Carlton Football Club is located in Melbourne, Austraila, and has existed since 1897. This football club (soccer to Americans) is one of the most successful in the league, having won sixteen championships.

Which football club has produced the most England players and how many?

aton villa (65)