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Plymouth Argyle

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Q: What is the most southerly football league club in England?
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What is the largest city in England never to have had a football league club?


What is the lowest football ground in England?

Canvey Island FC is a non league football club and is below sea level.

What does rochdale afc stand for?

Rochdale AFC - the AFC stands for Association Football Club. They are a professional club who currently play their football in League One in England.

Which football club won the league in 1994?

Aston Villa football club won the league in 1994

Which football club was founded in 1888?

In 1888, The Football League was founded. This competition league features professional men's clubs from England and Wales. It is the oldest competition of it's kind in world football.

Who is the heaviest player in the premier league in England?

GeorgeElokobi, Wolverhampton wanderers football club [left back]

What is the biggest city in England that does not have a football league club?

The biggest city in England without a football league club is Bath. Not even close. Bath population is only 90,000. Salford is a much bigger city with close to 200K, but both are dwarved by WAKEFIELD at 316,000

What football club was the first to win the league at anfield?

The first club to win the league at Anfield is obvious... It was Everton Football Club.

Which English football team has the most champion league trophies?

The Liverpool club in England has the most champion league trophies a total of five of them.

The most successful team in England?

It is Liverpool football club with 18 league cups 5 champion league and f.A cups as well.

What does THFC stand for?

"THFC" most often refers to the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club located in London, England. This men's professional football (soccer) club participates in England's Premier League and plays under the motto, "To Dare is to Do."

Who are the oldest football league club in the world?

Notts County are the oldest football league club and have remained in the league since their formation in 1862. However the oldest football club listed by FIFA is Sheffield FC as they were formed in 1857, however they remain out of the football league.

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