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In the records its down as 36, however the highest score so far is 77 off an over which had 17 no balls and only 5 legitimate balls because of the umpires miscalculation This was banned from the records because the bowler deliberately let the batsmen score the runs.

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Q: What is the most runs scored in a single over in both test and limited overs cricket?
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Who holds the record for the fastest fifty in Limited overs cricket?

Sanath Jayasuriya(SriLanka) scored 50 off 17 balls against Pakistan in 1996 which is the fastest 50 in limited overs cricket. If you also consider Twenty20 Internationals (which is indeed a form of Limited overs cricket), the record is currently held by Yuvraj Singh (India), who scored a memorable 50 off just 12 balls against England in 2007 during the Twenty20 World Cup.

What color is a cricket ball?

White in limited overs cricket Red in all the others

How many overs a bowler can deliver in single day of test cricket?

there is no restriction in overs bowled by a bowler

Has there ever been a double century scored in an international limited overs cricket game?

No. The highest score in a One Day International is 194 by Saeed Anwar for Pakistan against India.

What is the limit over for an single bowler in T-20 cricket?


What do you have to ware in cricket?

In Test matches and most Village Cricket players wear White, however in limited overs cricket players often wwear coloured clothes.

What is the rule now about bowling an underarm delivery in cricket?

It's illegal in limited overs cricket, and has been for years. There is no explicit mention of it in test cricket rules, however.

Who holds the record for the fastest hundred in limited overs cricket?

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan in 37 balls.

What is a series of 6 balls bowled consecutively to the batsman in cricket?

6 balls constitutes an "over". The length of a game in limited overs cricket is dependent on how many overs are being played - 20, 50 etc. Unlimited is dependent on time.

How do you calculate net run rate in cricket?

Its the aggreagte number of runs scored by My team in the aggregate number of overs against other team/s less the aggreagte number of runs scored by other team/s in the aggregate number of overs against my team.

What do you mean by a first class century?

A first class century is any century scored outside of International or Test play. For example, if a player playing for Middlesex scored a century against Somerset in the English County Championship that century would be recorded as a first-class century. Centuries scored in limited-overs cricket are counted in a completely different category along with all limited-over statistics.

How many overs are there in a cricket odi?

50 overs per innings.

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