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I believe it's 14. They scored 14 runs in the first inning against houston. I believe in 1989?

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Q: What is the most runs scored by the Cincinnati Reds in a single inning?
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What is the Phillies record for most runs scored in a single inning?

13 runs in the 4th inning April 13, 2003 at Cincinnati Reds.

How many runs did the Cincinnati Reds score in 2010?

In 2010, the Cincinnati Reds scored 790runs.

Who stopped Orel Hershiser's scoreless inning streak?

That occurred in the 1st inning of Hershiser's first start of the 1989 season against the Cincinnati Reds at Riverfront Stadium. Todd Benzinger's single scored Barry Larkin with 2 out to end the streak.

What is the most runs the Philadelphia Phillies scored in an inning?

The record is 13 against the Cincinnati Reds. I'm not sure exactly what year but it was sometime between 2002-2005. Recent. I believe it was the 4th inning but I wouldn't swear to it. Also, it was the only inning in which the Phillies scored in the game.

What is the Cincinnati Reds full name?

The Cincinnati Reds

What is the most wins that the Cincinnati Reds have had in a single season?

108 wins in 1975.

Who scored the 1000001 run in MLB?

Davey Concepcion, SS, Cincinnati reds...he scored the run on a Home Run just seconds after Bob Watson scored the 1,000,000th run for the Houston Astros.

When was Cincinnati Reds created?

Cincinnati Reds was created in 1882.

Which state has the Baseball team Cincinnati Reds?

The Cincinnati Reds are from Cincinnati, which is located in the state of Ohio. So Ohio has the base ball team Cincinnati Reds.

What is the highest number of runs scored by the san Francisco Giants in a single game 2010?

On August 24, 2010, the Giants defeated the Cincinnati Reds 16-5, one day after they beat the Reds 11-2. The next day, they were outlasted by Cincinnati 12-11. It was the biggest three days of scoring for the Giants since the 1952 season.

What year did the Cincinnati Reds become the Cincinnati Reds permentaly?


Who is better the Cleveland Indians or the Cincinnati reds?

Cincinnati reds are better

What is the most points ever scored by the Philadelphia Eagles?

Eagles won 64-0 against the Cincinnati Reds in 1934.

Where do the Cincinnati Reds play?

The Reds play at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.

Do the Cincinnati Reds have a nickname?


What Cincinnati Reds player hit 3 triples in a single game in 1990?

Eric Davis

What was the cincinatti reds' original nickname?

The Cincinnati Reds' first nickname was the Cincinnati Redlegs.

What is Alfredo Simon's number on the Cincinnati Reds?

Alfredo Simon is number 31 on the Cincinnati Reds.

What is Aroldis Chapman's number on the Cincinnati Reds?

Aroldis Chapman is number 54 on the Cincinnati Reds.

What is Billy Hamilton's number on the Cincinnati Reds?

Billy Hamilton is number 6 on the Cincinnati Reds.

What is Brandon Phillips's number on the Cincinnati Reds?

Brandon Phillips is number 4 on the Cincinnati Reds.

What is Brayan Pena's number on the Cincinnati Reds?

Brayan Pena is number 29 on the Cincinnati Reds.

What is Brett Marshall's number on the Cincinnati Reds?

Brett Marshall is number 41 on the Cincinnati Reds.

What is Carlos Contreras's number on the Cincinnati Reds?

Carlos Contreras is number 73 on the Cincinnati Reds.

What is Chris Heisey's number on the Cincinnati Reds?

Chris Heisey is number 28 on the Cincinnati Reds.

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