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The most punt returns for a touchdown in a single game is 2. The record is held by 11 players. Three players have accomplished the feat twice in their careers, and only one player has managed to to it twice in one season. The players are: # Jack Christiansen, Detroit Lions (1951) # Jack Christiansen, Detroit Lions (1951) # Dick Christy, N.Y. Titans (aka NY Jets) # Rick Upchurch, Denver Broncos # LeRoy Irvin, Los Angeles # Vai Sikahema, St. Louis # Todd Kinchen, L.A. Rams # Eric Metcalf, Cleveland Browns (1993) # Eric Metcalf, Cleveland Browns (1997) # Darrien Gordon, Denver Broncos # Jermaine Lewis, Baltimore Ravens (1997) # Jermaine Lewis, Baltimore Ravens (2000) # Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers # Eddie Drummond, Detroit Lions

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Q: What is the most punt returns for touchdowns in a game and by who?
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How many touchdowns does Devin Hester have?

13 total he has 4 kick off return touchdowns and 9 punt returns touchdown

Who has the most punt returns for a touchdown in 2008?

Johnnie Lee Higgins (WR, Oakland Raiders) and Reggie Bush (RB, New Orleans Saints) had the most punt returns for touchdowns in 2008 with three each. Three punt return touchdowns is just one short of the all time record for punt returns for a TD in a season - 4. Higgins had 44 punt returns for 570 punt return yards, averaging 13 yards per punt return over 16 games. His longest punt return was for 93 yards. Bush had 20 punt returns for 270 punt return yards, averaging 13.5 yards per punt return over only 10 games. His longest punt return was for 71 yards. According to Playerfilter, two other plays also had two punt returns for touchdowns in 2008 - Jacob Jones (WR, Houston Texans) and Will Blackmon (CB, Green Pay Packers) while six had one.

What is the record for combined kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns in an NFL career?

As of the end of the 2007 season, the record is 13 and is held by Brian Mitchell (9 punt returns, 4 kickoff returns).

Which team had the most Touchdowns in 2008?

The New Orleans Saints with 57 (34 passing, 20 rushing, 3 punt returns).

What rookie holds the record for most return touchdowns?

12 by rod woodson (3 players tied at second with 9) that is a career number Most in a season is 4 by Ken Houston, Jim Kearney, and Eric Allen

Who are the NCAA record holders of punt returns for touchdowns in a career?

Antonio Perkins and Wes Welker

How many touchdowns did devin Hester have in 2007?

8 ... 4 on punt returns, 2 on kickoff returns, and 2 on pass receptions.

What is the most non-offensive points ever scored in an NFL game?

(total of safeties, INT returns, fumble returns, punt returns, and kick returns)

How many punt return TD's did Devin Hester make in 2006?

3 Punt Return Touchdowns

Were more touchdowns in the NFL scored by kickoff return or punt return in 2009?


A game a punt returner plays in?

Generally a good one, if he returns a lot.

What is the NFL record for most kickoff and punt returns for a touchdown in a season?

Devin Hester