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Q: What is the most popular ugly doll?
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What is the most popular retired American Girl Doll?

Samantha Parkington was the most popular retired American Girl Doll. One reason for this is because a movie was made of the doll.

What is the most popular virtual doll site?

Hannah Montana is the most popular

What is the most popular doll in history?


What is the world's most popular girl's doll?


What is the most popular toy of last year?

Ugly Dolls were the most popular toy last year.

Is Caroline Abbott the most popular American girl doll?

Yes. But every doll has it's popularity.

What are the most popular Japanese ghost stories?

The China Doll story is pretty popular there.

What was the most popular Barbie doll in 1980?

Beauty Secrets

How much is an ugly doll?

It really depends on which one you get. I picked an Ugly Doll cat for my daughter at Toys R Us for $12 recently.

What are some popular Barbie doll accessories?

Popular Barbie doll accessories include cars, houses, horses and furniture. The most popular accessories are clothing with the themed outfits being most popular such as ballerina, fairy, princess and mermaid outfits.

How tall is the jumbo ugly doll?

24 inches

What were the most popular toys around in 1996?

barbie doll and a dick