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outdoor water sport is the most popular in china ,such as Riding.

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Q: What is the most popular sport in China is Basketball or Football or Badminton or Table tennis?
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What sports do people play in Taiwan?

Basketball,Volleyball,Football,Tennis,Table Tennis,Badminton.

What are singapores major sports?

Popular sports include football, cricket, rugby union,swimming, badminton, basketball, and table tennis.

3 kinds of physical education?

Football, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Badminton, Tennis

What sports do they play in brittiany?

cricket, tennis, football, polo, badminton, table tennis, basketball and lots more!

What is a popular sport at school?

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Where does NFL rank among popular sports?

all time its Baseball, football, American football, basketball, tennis for right now its Football, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis if there is a lockout for football it will be Baseball, football, basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket, croquet, then American football.

What number sport is baseball in the world?

7 behind Soccer,table tennis,basketball,football,badminton, and cricket

What sports are played in UK?

Tennis, football, rugby, basketball, netball, cricket, rounders, squash, badminton and more

What are popular Asian sports?

Badminton, baseball, soccer, table tennis, and I suppose basketball is of average popularity.

What sports are played in Belgium?

The most popular sport played in Belgium is football. Other sports that are played in Belgium include tennis, swimming, badminton, basketball, and volleyball. Auto racing is a popular sport in Belgium.

Which has the Largest playing area from the following sports netball tennis badminton basketball?

Basketball, without a doubt. Next comes netball, then tennis, and finally badminton.

What were the most popular sports in the US during the 50s?

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