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Q: What is the most popular pro football team in America?
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What is most popular football team?

At The Moment The Most Popular Football Team In The World Is Manchester United

Which football team is the most popular?

The Green Bay Packers is one of the most popular teams in American football.

What team out of the Broncos and cow boy's?

Poll: Denver Broncos top Dallas Cowboys as America's favorite team. According to a new Harris poll, the Denver Broncos are the most popular football team in America.

What is the second most popular football team?


What is the most popular sports team in panama?


What is the most popular sports team in Bulgaria?

National Football Team of Bulgaria

What are the most widely played sports in the US?

The most popular team sports in the United States are those comprising of American football and baseball. The National Football League is a very popular and highly profitable league. NCAA college football is also another popular team sport-based league in the U.S. American football is also played at the grade school level as well. Major League Baseball is dubbed "America's pastime". At the local and school level, soccer is also a popular team sport, although it is not as popular at the professional level.

What is the most popular soccer team of Guatemala?

Guatemala national football team

Which team is the most popular football team premiership?

Manchester United have the largest fanbase in England and the world therefore being the most popular.

What is Brazils most popular sport?

Soccer, Brazil's football team.

What is the most popular international team sport?

Soccer / football in europe

What is France most popular team sport?

Football (Soccer to Americans)