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I believe the most popular Homestuck pairing may be one of the canon ones, although Karkat x Terezi is quite popular.

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Q: What is the most popular homestuck pairing?
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What are MBLAQ's official pairing and which is the most popular?

Seungho and Mir.

Which Hinata pairing is the most popular in Japan?

I read somewhere that it's NejiHina.

What is the most popular Harry Potter pairing with snape?

Probably Lily Potter, whom he loved throughout their childhood

Did Andrew hussie make homestuck?

Yes. He is the creator of Homestuck.

Where can you read homestuck?

You can read "Homestuck" on the website The entire webcomic is available for free to read online.

Where can you read homestuck manga?

As fo now there is no Homestuck Manga in existence.

Is there any homestuck rpg sites?

This is a link with most (if not all) of the Homestuck RPG sites so far. None of them are official. You have been warned: hsrmasterlist. tumblr. com/games

Where can i watch homestuck online for free?

Homestuck is a webcomic. While there are flash segments that you will watch and play throughout the story, most of it is read. It can be found at or watch a lets read on youtube

What is the most popular Naruto pairing?

to me it wout be naruto and hinata but some crazy people prefer sasuke and naruto pairings. [uuckk]

Is homestuck an anime?

No, anime has a very distinctive look that Homestuck does not have, anime also is generally reserved for animation that has come out of Japan or another area of Asia while Homestuck is western. While Homestuck has had influence from anime, it is not in and of itself anime.

Who is Nepeta's best friend in Homestuck?

Nepeta Leijon's best friend in Homestuck is Gamzee.

What is a nook in homestuck?

A part of troll anatomy, most likely a buttcrack or similar area.