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Communications because its one of the easiest degree's to get.

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Q: What is the most popular degree among professional athletes?
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Where can I earn my CPA degree?

Earning your CPA has become a very popular degree among professionals. Since many people are balancing work and school online schools have become quite popular. Kaplan University, Phoenix University and Walden University are among the most popular online schools for earning graduate degrees.

Are Axis Pedals popular amongst professional drummers?

Axis Pedals claim that their products are popular among professional drummers. One can never know for sure unless there is an unbiased study. A method could be to contact professional drummers and interview them about their pedal preferences.

Where can one buy running shirts from?

The most popular and easily accessible shop to buy running shirts is Walmart. Target has become popular among athletes and also has various running apparel.

Why is football lingerie so popular among young women?

Football lingerie is so popular among young women because it is the first time that women have played the sport of football in any sort of professional atmosphere.

The Olympics promote what among athletes?


What is the most common repetitive strain injury among athletes?

Strained lower back injuries are extremely common among athletes. This is the reason why core muscle training for your stomach and back are extremely important.

What percent of kids want to become a professional athlete?

Children say that famous athletes rank second only to parents (92%) and on par with their teachers (72%) as the people they admire most. Both boys and girls name professional or Olympic athletes as among the people they say they "look up to or want to be like" (73%). Ten to 17-year-olds name famous athletes much more frequently than other celebrity figures, such as TV/move stars (56%) or rock/rap musicians (32%). Sports junkies name famous athletes (91%) as often as their parents (92%) when asked who they "look up to or want to be like."

What jobs can one get with a bachelor's degree in humanities?

you will have a chance at a broad range which dont require a professional qualification to get. So NOT Architecture, Law, Business/Management, science/technology related among lots of others.

What is professional socialization?

professional socialization is where people of particular professions socialize among themselves.

What other products than sports products does Life Fitness offer?

Life Fitness is one of the most popular business's among athletes. Life Fitness offer products such as protein shakes to help get their consumers more healthier.

What is the most popular bowling ball among pro women?

Different bowling balls are used by professional bowlers according to the sponsor that they hold. Such as certain professional bowlers will only use Storm bowling balls, because that's all they're allowed to use.

How do drugs affect athletes?

The drug abuse among athletes is not actually drug abuse, it is anabolic steroids abuse. Anabolic steroids help increase muscle mass, and exercise capability of the athletes, causing better performance. However, this is strictly prohibited.

What is the difference between Ph.D and Psy.D?

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)The PhD degree is the oldest doctorate and is generally regarded as a research degree. Although many independent schools of professional psychology award the PhD degree, they typically emphasize research training integrated with applied or practice training. In addition, a PhD can cover a broad array of disciplines in the science and humanity areas.Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)Similar to the MD in Medicine, PsyD is becoming increasingly popular among professional independent programs as a professional degree in psychology. Programs awarding the PsyD place strong emphasis on preparing their graduates for professional practice as practitioner-scholars, but typically with less research training.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section indicated below.

Which mass medium is the most popular among children teengers and adults in morocco?

which is the most popular among children.teenagers.adults

What type of personality do most professional sports players have?

Personalties among professional sports persons are as variable as among the general community. One personality trait that is needed in professional level sports is a competitive streak and a drive to succeed.

An adjective that expresses the highest or lowest degree of comparison among three or more nouns is in the degree?

The superlative degree.

What has the author Stephen Kenneth Figler written?

Stephen Kenneth Figler has written: 'Aggressive response to frustration among athletes and non-athletes' -- subject(s): Athletes, High school students, Psychology, Frustration, Aggressiveness

What has the author Sean William Spencer written?

Sean William Spencer has written: 'The effects of video exposure on aggression and anxiety among athletes and non-athletes'

Do NBA players get paid?

Yes, they get paid. Professional athletes are among the highest paid people in the world. Some of the higher salaries in the NBA range from 20 million to 16 million a year while the lower contracts range from 2 million to 5 million a year.

Which professional athletes wear number 5?

Joe DiMaggio, Paul Hornung, Denis Potvin, Nick Lidstrom, Johnny Bench, George Brett and Brooks Robinson are among the best. Also, when Hank Aaron first started in the Major Leagues, he also wore #5.

Is Malfoy popular?

Draco Malfoy is vey popular among Slytherins, but is very unpopular among the Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Gryfindors.

What are the best Starcraft 2 professional players in the uk?

Starcraft II is a popular science fiction video game released in 2010. The identity of the "best" professional players from the UK will vary depending on individual opinion. However, Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker is generally considered to be among the top.

Where can one find a digital recording studio?

Home digital recording studio equipment is quite popular among both professional and hobbyist musicians and many models from desktop to professional can be found at Guitar Center and Musician's Friend. They can also be purchased on Amazon and there is a variety listed on eBay.

Which two sister athletes have popularized tennis among young girls?

Venus and Serena Williams

Which form of reproduction results in the highest degree of genetic variation among offspring?

Outcrossing is the form of reproduction that results in the highest degree of genetic variation among offspring.